sunday services

sundays 10:00-11:30am
Orewa College Arts & Events Centre
80 Riverside Rd, Orewa

If you’re planning on joining us for the first time on a Sunday, you are so welcome – we’re looking forward to hanging out with you!  

Going somewhere for the first time can be a little daunting, so we put this page together to help you get a feel for where to go and what’s going to be happening. Our services are contemporary and relaxed, so that everyone can feel welcome, even if they’re not familiar with ‘church’.


Our Sunday service is 10:00am – 11:30am. 

Free tea and coffee is available in the foyer from 9:45am and after the service.


We meet on Sundays at Orewa College Arts & Events Centre, 80 Riverside Rd, Orewa.

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There is plenty of street parking available, as well as parking on-site at the school. Look for our friendly car parking team and they will wave you into the right spot. There are mobility access carparks at the start of the main driveway.

Look for our church flags at the main driveway - this is the main entrance-way. The auditorium entrance is on the western side of the Arts & Events Centre, adjacent to the field. There are chairs for seating, with a stage at the front. Toilets are accessed from the foyer area.


Our time together is likely to have four main components:

Worship:  This is a time where we focus on connecting with God, most often through singing songs together, led by a live band.  It’s likely to last for 20 minutes.

Learn:  We take the time to explore a relevant topic (often in a series over a few weeks).  We try to understand how the wisdom of the Bible can help make sense of life and faith.  Typically 35 - 40 minutes.

Response: We always expect God to be present and we make space to engage with and respond to His transforming power and love. We often worship together, take communion together and we make time to pray for people because we believe it gives God an opportunity to change things – physically, spiritually, and emotionally – wherever the need is.  We’ll always lead this time in a low key way - and there’s never an obligation to be prayed for or to pray for someone.  This is typically a 10 - 15 minutes.

Coffee and chat: We love to hang out with one another after the service has finished so there is coffee and baking available at no cost for everyone to enjoy. Our children join us as well so it’s usually a lot of fun and a great chance to meet some of the locals.

children's programme

We really value our children, and have invested in great leaders and equipment to run our cool Coast Kids programme!  The kids are in the main service typically until after the first couple of worship songs then they head out to their programme (we’ll let you know when in the service).

Crèche (0-2 year olds): Available for parents to use with their under 2’s in the Dance Studio, accessed through the doors at the rear of the auditorium. There will be signs along the way to direct you.

Pre-School (2-4 year olds): In Room D18, accessed through the doors at the rear of the auditorium. It is a short walk outside to this room which is dedicated to our pre-schoolers. There will be signs along the way to direct you.

Primary (Yrs 1-6): In Rooms D1/D2, accessed through the doors at the rear of the auditorium. It is a short walk outside and along the covered walkways to these rooms which are side-by-side. There will be signs along the way to direct you.

Yrs 7-10: Stay in for the worship songs, and then head through to the Drama Room, which is accessed via the foyer. Our MC will announce when it’s time to head over, and leaders will guide them there.

Signing kids in:  All preschool and Year 1 & 2 kids need to be signed in and out of their programmes by their parents every week.  Year 3-8 kids need to be signed in and out by their parents the first time they attend.  After that, they can sign themselves in and out (if parents are happy with that).  If kids are signing themselves out, they must go straight back to their parents when their programme is finished.

You can sign in your kids at the back of the auditorium before the service (from 9:45-10:00am), or at the respective kid’s programme rooms after 10am.