Courage To Ask - Stanley Ross

Issues of reconciliation and forgiveness are as relevant today as they were in the time of Jesus. Stanley looks at the action packed short story of Philemon by delving into the account from each of the main characters and the key questions that arise for each of them.

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How Can I Know God? - Jacinda Lilly

To continue our series “A Guide To Knowing God”, Jacinda spoke about how each of us can come to know God through sharing in the life He offers us. Listen here for some helpful pointers to answer the question “how can I know God?”.

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A More Christlike God - Matt Lilly

Jesus said “anyone who has seen me has seen the Father" (John 14:9). What does this mean for how we see and know God? This week, Matt spoke about how we can see what God is like through Jesus - and how this is different to other common perspectives. Have a listen here.

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What Is God Like? - Kiran Rai

How can we know what God is like, when he seems so far away? As Kiran shared on Sunday, God’s answer to this question comes in the form of a person - Jesus. Have a listen to this part of our series, A Guide To Knowing God.

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Misconceptions - Matt Lilly

We started our new series “A Guide To Knowing God” by looking at some common misconceptions of who God is or what he’s like. Matt spoke on Sunday about several of these misconceptions, and gave some helpful pointers towards discovering truth about God. Have a listen here.

NOTE: We had a microphone issue at the start of the recording, so the first 5 minutes of audio may be slightly harder to hear. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes!

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Dealing With Tragedy - Matt Lilly

In response to the horrific terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch on Friday 15th March where 50 people were killed, we dedicated our Sunday service to reflection, worship and prayer for the people affected. We took time to pray for the Muslim community, the people of Christchurch, and people all across New Zealand who are feeling the ramifications. Matt spoke briefly about how we can respond in times of tragedy or suffering in a way that is faithful to God, while being authentic.

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