Equipping The Saints - Suzie Young

We are all invited to partner with God to see His restoration plan for everything unfold - and He has given us lots of different ways to be equipped for this work. Suzie spoke on how we can grow and be empowered to be effective agents of change for the Lord's sake. 

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Mother's Day

We heard from a few of our Coasties to celebrate God at work through mothers and family connections. 

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Everyone Gets To Play - Jacinda Lilly

Continuing our Kingdom Values mini-series, Jacinda unpacks how God invites all of us to participate in His activity today - regardless of status or background. This is a kingdom where everyone gets to play - including you! Listen here. 

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Finding Joy In Hard Times - Matt Lilly

Where do we turn to for joy when we are facing tough times? What are some of the things that can be joy-blockers in our life, and what are the antidotes? Matt answered these questions and more to round off our series "Finding Joy".

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Recipes For Joy Part 2 - Matt Lilly

We continue our Finding Joy series by looking at some of the "ingredients" for a life filled with joy - and they may not be what you think. Interestingly, we find that the biblical guidance for joyful living (that has been around for thousands of years) aligns directly with modern scientific understanding of the brain. Have a listen here. 

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The Great Exchange - Jacinda Lilly

Over the Easter weekend we took time to remember the death of Jesus, celebrate his coming back to life, and explore what this means for us today. We had an interactive service on Easter Sunday where Jacinda shared this message on the great exchange that took place on the cross.

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Recipes For Joy: Part 1 - Jacinda Lilly

As we continue our Finding Joy series, Jacinda looks at some of the "ingredients" for a life filled with joy - and they may not be what you think. Interestingly, we find that the biblical guidance for joyful living (that has been around for thousands of years) aligns directly with modern scientific understanding of the brain. Have a listen here. 

Additional resources:
There were two free apps mentioned by one of our Coasties at the end of the service (not included in audio) which were recommended as helpful aids for Christian meditation:

Centering Prayer:  a contemplative app for daily prayer, available on iOS and Android

Pray As You Go: gives you easy-to-use daily prayer sessions you can use wherever you are, available on iOS and Android

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Joy - Matt Lilly

Listen here for the first part of our "Finding Joy" series, where Matt looks at some recent research about joy, where it comes from, and what the Bible has to say about it. 

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Go - Matt Lilly

We finished our Connect-Grow-Serve-Go series with this message on "Go", looking at what it means to go and love our community both near and far. This is a key part of what we do - and we can get creative with what this looks like. Where are you called to go?

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Serve - Matt Lilly

How can we use our God-given abilities, passions and resources to make a difference? This week, Matt talked about the "serve" component of our Connect-Grow-Serve-Go series, explaining how big things can happen when we come together and all play our part. Every part is significant - so what part is yours to play?

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Grow - Jacinda Lilly

What does it look like to grow in faith and life? How do we grow up before we grow old? Jacinda continued our series on "stepping into the adventure" by explaining the vision God has for all of us to grow into mature, whole, thriving people.

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Connect - Matt & Jacinda Lilly

To launch our new series "Stepping Into The Adventure", Matt spoke on what it looks like to live a life connected with God and with others. Jacinda started the message by sharing some of the big picture of what God is up to at Coast, and where He's leading us. Check it out here. 

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Why We Worship - Kiran Rai

We were made to worship something - and we were designed for this to be directed to God. So how do we worship as a gathered people, and with our whole lives?

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The kingdom of God - Matt Lilly

Unfortunately we had some technical issues with our recording for this message, so we are unable to provide audio. We're sorry for any disappointment thismay have caused! 

If you're interested in hearing some teaching on this, you can hear Matt's message from 2013 on the same topic here.

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Life Is Tough, But God Is Good - Matt Lilly

All of us journey through suffering, failure and loss at different points in our lives. How do we know God as our strength, guide, and healer through seasons like this? Matt opens up this topic to close out our summer series for 2018. 

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Contending For Your Faith - Stanley Ross

For week 2 of our Summer Series, guest speaker Stanley Ross from the pastoral team at Shore Vineyard came and shared with us about contending for our faith. How do we build each other up and stay strong in faith? Stanley spoke from a small book of the Bible called Jude to explain how.

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The 'With God' Life (Night Church)

Jacinda Lilly

Jesus came that we could now live our lives 'with God' in new and exciting ways. What are some of the hallmarks of the 'with God' life that we can learn from the Christmas story?

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Telling A Hopeful Story (3 x 10)


This was one of our "3 x 10" services, where we hear from 3 different Coasties for 10 minutes each. This time around we heard from Liam Young, Stefan Huszak, and Nicky Skinner on Telling A Hopeful Story.. They each did a fantastic job - have a listen here.

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Wisdom for Real Life


There are a few things that we can learn and do that just make life go so much better. Hear Matt share some timeless wisdom in this last message from our series “Wisdom: The Art of Living Well”

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