Coast Vineyard Church is a vibrant church, launched on the Hibiscus Coast in 2013. It feels like God has planted seeds for this church in a number of people’s hearts over the years, and it's been exciting to watch what He has been doing in us and through us since we began.

Since we started weekly Sunday services, we’ve seen people coming to faith, life groups launch, compassion activity emerge, and people of all stages of life discovering and creating a church family that feels like home. Come along and join in the fun!

What Is This Church Like?

  • We are a church where we are inspired to pursue “life at its fullest” – the life Jesus calls us into. (John 10:10)
  • We are a church where we will consistently make room for everyone to experience life changing encounters with God.
  • We are a church where we value and develop both the inward and the outward journey of our faith together.
  • We are a church where we see life coming to dry and dead places. Where joy, freedom, hope and healing are experienced.  This is a place where we can learn to live fearless and free in the care of God. (Eze 34:28)
  • We are a church where everyone can discover their God-intended calling, using their unique personality, experience and passion to serve God, resulting in service that is life-giving, and joyful.  Everyone gets to play.
  • We are a church where everyone can learn how God wants to work through them supernaturally.
  • We are a church where we do things well but are still ‘real’ and relaxed in the midst of everything we do.
  • We are a church where we take our God seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We love to have fun!
  • We are a church that is easy for you to bring your friends to. Our church services are accessible, empowering and transformational for anyone – regardless of their faith background or opinions of church.
  • We are a church where we value and develop friendships as we do life and ministry together.
  • Come and see. This may be the church you have been hoping for!