Here are the details for our term 4 life groups  

For more details about what Life Groups are and how we run them, keep reading below!


What are Life Groups?

Our desire at Coast Vineyard is to help people connect quickly. One way to do that is through Life Groups. These groups are where key connections are made and maintained as we journey together, support one another, and follow Jesus together. We have many different types of groups catering for different stages of life and faith. These groups are open to everyone! 

Why attend a Life Group?

Creating places for people to connect with God and one another as we grow together in following Him is important to us at Coast Vineyard.  We know that everyone lives really busy lives so you might be wondering why you would want to consider getting involved in a life group.  You can ponder the following thoughts:

  • Since the beginning of the church, Christians have gathered together in both large and small groups for discipleship, worship, reaching out to others and caring for one another. Acts 2:46-47

  • God created us to be in relationships - with Him and with others. Genesis 2:18

  • We need each other because life can be tough. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

  • We grow in our relationship with God through our relationships with others. Acts 2:41-42

How life groups work at Coast

The way we run life groups at Coast Vineyard may be a little different to what you're used to so we thought we would give you a quick outline of our approach.

1.  Variety
We will run a variety of different kinds of groups throughout the year.  This will be dependent on the passions of the people who want to run the groups - there's lots of room for bible study groups, book  clubs, lifestyle groups (ie. fishing, exercise groups, etc), mission oriented groups (ie. community service, budgeting advice), discipleship courses, Alpha, parenting and marriage courses - the options are endless. 

We intend to have new life groups starting each term.  If you are interested in leading a group get in touch with Matt or Jacinda to talk it over.

2.  Rhythm – School Calendar
Life groups will only run during term time based on the school calendar.  This gives both the leaders and the attendees the chance to catch their breath in the school holidays and enjoy a bit less pressured time with our friends and families.

Get ready for an adventure and jump on board!


Life Group Coordinators

If you are interested in joining or starting a Life Group, or finding out about how Life Groups work at Coast, please get in touch with our awesome Life Group Coordinators, Andrew and Leigh Austin, or flick us an email at

Leigh Austin
022 351 9453

Andrew Austin
021 421 205