Your money goes a long way. The money you generously give enables Coast Vineyard to thrive and do all that God is inviting us to partner with Him in! Local churches are God's plan for extending His Kingdom. We have witnessed that when God leads humble, spirit-filled people, the local church see lives changed., communities changed, and the world changed.  

Donations can be made by automatic payment, envelope giving and one-off payments. Giving regularly works best for most people.


Automatic Payment

Many people choose to give by setting up an automatic payment with their bank. You can do this on your bank’s website, or request a copy of your bank’s AP Form from

The Coast Vineyard Church account details are:

Westpac Silverdale:
Coast Vineyard Trust

Online Giving

You can give using a debit or credit card online through the portal here. It's secure, quick, and easy. You can choose what you want to give to, set up recurring payments, and more. 

Envelope giving

Envelope giving can be done during our Sunday services. These can be collected from the info table and your details can be written on the envelope, money inserted, and then placed in the letterbox.

One-off donations

One-off donations can also be put into the letterbox on the info table during our Sunday services or made directly into the bank account.

Tax Rebates

All internet and envelope giving will be recorded. Coast Vineyard is a registered Charitable Trust and issues donation receipts to contributors after the end of the financial year. This entitles the givers to a tax rebate of 33% refund of your giving amount (or 33% of your taxable income, whichever is lesser) of your taxable income can be claimed as a rebate. Donation receipts are issued in April each year.

Giving Numbers

Coast Vineyard givers can be allocated a giving number. If want to request a giving number or if you have forgotten your existing giving number, please email

Sunday Collections

A collection is taken on Sundays (baskets handed around) specifically for funds for the compassion ministry of Coast Vineyard Church.