The ‘Compassion Collective’ is an exciting, multi-faceted, developing aspect in the life of our church community. Compassion isn’t just something we talk about - it is a lifestyle that we practice as we walk out Jesus’s love and concern for people.

The activities below have been birthed out of the hearts of Coast Vineyard people and are just the beginning for us as a church.  We’re excited to see where God leads us from here.

Getting Involved:

A voluntary organisation like ours needs resources and volunteers to be effective and that comes at a cost.  Would you consider making a donation to our Compassion Collective budget or volunteering some time as needs arise? We would welcome all financial donations as we seek to meet the ongoing needs of our church community and beyond.


For instructions on how to donate to the Compassion Collective, visit our Giving page. Please include the following details with your donation:

Reference: Giving number or name
Code: Compassion

(Remember that all donations to charitable trusts are eligible for a 33% tax credit.)

What’s happening?

The Meal Train

We are active in providing meals for families in crisis, experiencing health challenges or going through other tough seasons. We’re using a very handy tool that makes coordinating this super easy. If you want to get involved take a look at to find out more.  This website is really easy to use - just register using an email address and a password, then all the info you need is right there.

As needs arise we’ll post updates on the Coast Vineyard Facebook page, so make sure you ‘like’ our page to get all the latest details! 

If you want to be ‘on-call’ to help with urgent meals when needed or you want to get updates when requests come in, get in touch with Fiona.

Key Contact:
Kate Brown
027 364 9558

Special Delivery

We love babies!! And we recognise that these precious additions to a family can take a bit of adjusting to. We aim to look after our mums and babies through a home or hospital visit and a wee gift welcoming each special delivery to our church family. We also organise meals to support them in their first week or so as needed. 

If you’d like to get involved give Fiona a call and chat some more.

Key contact:
Fiona Brown
020 403 66766

Hospital visits

If you or anyone you know is in hospital or is house bound due to illness and could benefit from a visit and/or prayer, let us know.  Alternatively if  you’d like to get involved as a visitor, then give Trish a call.

Key Contact:
Trish Mancer
021 02543328


Our big-hearted, get-stuck-in people are always on the lookout for practical ways to help others both within our church family and in our wider community. Give us a call if you or someone you know needs some practical help.

If you want to be in the loop on getting involved in this area of service get in touch with Matt.

Key Contact
Matt Lilly
021 727 867

Colossians 3:12 and 14
So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.