Do you want to grow in faith? Do you want to discover more of what God has made you for? Do you want to dig deeper into the Bible and learn how to apply it to your life? Do you want to encounter God in a fresh way?

At Coast, we're running 8 foundational Christian Living Courses every two years. These are short courses (approx 3-5 weeks) that will give rich input, explain the scriptures, and provide practical application – all to help you to deepen your life with God.

For specific details on the next Christian Living Course, check below.

The topics we'll cover are:

  • Experience and Worship God
  • Partner with the Holy Spirit
  • Serve Sacrificially
  • Live Generously
  • Grow and Change
  • Relate in Healthy Ways
  • Make Disciples
  • Impact Your Community


Christian Living Course #1: Experiencing God

A three-week course
Sundays 7:00-8:30pm
The Hub, 13 Agency Ln, Silverdale

Our first course is called "Experiencing God" - where we'll cover how to talk to God, hear from God, experience more of His presence and know Him more deeply.

Engage consistently with God, intentionally deepening your relationship and allowing your experience of his presence to fuel your life in the Kingdom

  • Actively living out and embracing the Kingdom of God
  • Seeking to know God more deeply
  • Reflecting on and applying scripture in your everyday life
  • Experiencing authentic, interactive dialogue with God
  • Worshipping with your whole life

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